Pirate Bay the Band

Welcome to “Pirate Bay” the Band web site. Join us here (or on our Facebook page) to get advanced notice of upcoming Pirate Bay gatherings of musical mischief and sanctimonious blathering.

If you are not enjoying every minute kindly keep it to yourself.

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Pirate Bay the Band

Pirate Bay artists rendering

Pirate Bay – The Crew

Dave Ball – Upright Bass, Guitar, Harmonica , Vocals, Songwriter and Producer.

Dave BallDave Ball

Charlie Hankin – Guitar, Flute, Vocals , Songwriter and Harmonica.

Charlie HankinCharlie Hankin

Jimmy Shuttleroe – Guitar, Banjo, Vocals and Songwriter.

Jimmy ShuttleroeJimmy Shuttleroe

James Squires – Percussionist and Vocals.

James SquiresJames Squires


About Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay, the Band, plays out in the central East Coast Florida area.  Home base is Jupiter (the town, not the planet).

The quartet is mainly acoustic: made up of two guitarists, upright bassist, and digital percussionist.  All four of the band members sing lead and harmony.  Together they produce an unforgettable vocal harmony sound along the lines of the Blues, Folk, Classic Rock, Country and Bluegrass.

An interesting selection of classic songs from a wide range of genre and generations offers an interesting palette of entertainment for everyone.

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